Competitive Programs

These programs are by invitation of the coaching staff and those invited will have a tryout in the spring of each year.

RR Gymnastics offers competitive programs in

  • Sparks Program – Pre competitive Artistic Program for those aged 6 to 8 years of age who have the skill base but are not age eligible to compete in provincial competition.
  • Women's Artistic Gymnastics – Pleased to offer the Junior Olympic Program Levels 1-9. Pre-competitive is 1-3, and competitive is 4-9. There are Four (4) apparatus to Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (Floor, Uneven Bars, Vault and Beam)

  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics – Same Levels (1-9) as Women’s Artistic but consists of Six (6) apparatus (Floor, Vault, Rings, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Men’s High Bar)

  • Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline and Tumbling – Each discipline can be separate or in combination as decided by the athlete:

Trampoline – Trampoline requires tremendous core body strength, endurance and phenomenal air sense (spatial orientation). To have some “dare devil” tendencies is a definite asset as athlete’s fly through the air performing somersaulting and twisting skills with grace and agility. The best trampolinist’s in the world jump in excess of 20 feet above the trampoline with cat-like precision.

The trampoline itself consists of a metal frame with a woven 7 foot X 14 foot bed with springs that propel the body upwards. All skills must originate and be completed on the bed, ideally never straying from the center mark.

Double Mini Trampoline – The double mini-trampoline consists of two beds with the first bed slightly slanted upward to meet a second horizontal bed. The athlete performs a running approach, and then two consecutive skills on the double mini trampoline. The first element must immediately rebound up into the air to initiate the final skill on the second bed before landing on the dismount mat.

Tumbling - Power Tumbling is performed on a 26 m (84ft) long elevated rod floor with a runway that helps tumblers propel themselves high into the air as they demonstrate speed, strength and skill while executing a series of acrobatic maneuvers.

Parents and competitive Athletes PLEASE NOTE:

  • The competitive term is from Sept – Sept, (not including summer camps which are voluntary extras).

  • Parents are required to volunteer min of 10 hrs per 12 month period (or pay a volunteer fee of $100)

  • Fundraising IS Mandatory

  • Required to have Club Attire – tracksuit and bodysuit (Sparks – only require bodysuit)

  • Must attempt to make a minimum of Two (2) artistic meets and/or Three (3) T & T meets. (missing any T&T meets may affect team placements for Easterns)

  • Sparks and beginner level competitive are required to attend a minimum of one meet